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Beat-Bros is a platform for buying beats online. Our top priority is to provide the best user experience for our artist community and offer a curated marketplace of quality instrumentals.

Beat-Bros was founded by Christoph Schreiner (producer name InsaneBeatz). InsaneBeatz is known for over 10 years on all popular beat sales platforms and is on airbit in the top 10 producers of all time.

We offer the possibility to filter our beats for sale by genre, mood, instrument, style and tempo. So everyone can find the perfect beat for their next project.


We offer a wide selection of instrumentals from various genres. So you're sure to find the perfect beat for your next project.


Whether you're just entering the hip-hop scene or a well-known, established artist. Our licenses are easy to understand.


Whether you need just the MP3 file, the WAV file or the track stems of a beat. With our licenses everything is possible.

Why we created Beat-Bros

The industry of selling and buying beats has grown rapidly in the last decade. Most artists nowadays use the possibility to buy beats for their projects online from the comfort of their homes.

With the possibilities of platforms like BeatStars, every producer’s own beat-selling website is just a few clicks away. However, these websites are often user-unfriendly and it is difficult to find the right sound from an endless list of beats.

That’s why we made it our mission to create a unique beat platform that offers all the possibilities to filter the right beat. On our platform you will not only find a completely new design but also professional filter options to find the beat that makes your voice shine.

As a Beat-Bros member you can create your own wishlist with beats you like, download beat demos to write lyrics and make test recordings. Sign up today for free and let’s produce hits together!